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Banished Pills – Patterns Of Life

Cdr available Saturday 2 September 2017 from :

Cathedral Transmissions.

Silver / Black cdr housed in a card sleeve with tracing paper booklet. The card sleeve is in a sealed envelope stamped with the Cathedral Transmissions logo.



2nd edition.

Update :: Now also sold out.

The original cdr / cassette sold out really quickly (thanks), so I’ve made a few more cdrs with minimal artwork for those who prefer a physical object. Plain white cdr in transparent plastic wallet with handwritten artist / title only.

Limited run cdr and cassette ep (+ unlimited digital).

Transparencies is a self released limited run cdr and cassette by David Newlyn.  It is an ep of intentionally lo-fi piano tracks recorded on an old Sony TC377 reel to reel tape recorder. There are 11 copies of the cdr and 11 copies of the cassette.

The cdr is silver / black in a plastic wallet with handwritten title. The 2 inserts are a handwritten transparent tracklist and a black & white photograph. As all the sleeves are handwritten each cdr is different. There a various versions of the black and white photograph.

Alternatively there is a smokey clear cassette with handwritten title. Black and white wrap around photo sleeve. The titles have been handwritten on the clear cassette box. As the cassette artwork is handwritten each one is different.

The ep includes one cover version of Nightporter by David Sylvian.

Available from Bandcamp.