Collected Fictions


I have a new cdr album available from Sound In Silence.


Sunshine and Dust

The first release of 2018 from Cathedral Transmissions was Sunshine and Dust. A beautiful experimental album from James A McDermid. It came in two different versions – black and white (15 copies) and colour (25 copies). It has now sold out. Thanks to everyone who bought one.



“Sunshine and Dust: The store opened in the 60s I think and closed at some point during the 90s. It hadn’t seen life for over 20 years – no graffiti or signs it was perhaps some vagabond’s temporary home. I crept around the fallen brickwork and dust; looked passed the old cash register and decades-old canned food. In the corner was an old chest of drawers. It was badly damaged from the ceiling which had partially collapsed on top of it. I managed to move some of the debris which revealed the middle drawer of the chest. I positioned my lamp carefully above me so I could see better, leaving both hands free.

The drawer was empty, apart from a small book. Its cover was made of what looked like Hessian Burlap. I brushed off the dust and cement which revealed the book’s title: ‘Like Kisses of Thread‘. Strangely, the pages were numbered but blank; however, wedged between page 72 and 73 were 10 photographs bundled together in an elastic band. The photos were of various European capital cities. They had the city name, followed by a year – presumably the year they was taken. In the photos were four young girls (about 16 or 17) standing next to each other with their arms by their side. They didn’t look alike, but they all seemed to wear the same type of gingham dress. They weren’t smiling, but they didn’t seem miserable either.. they looked scared. Who were they and what was the purpose of these photos? Who took them? The timeline of the photos range from 1947 to 1996, but the girls neither alter their position nor their expression; moreover, they don’t age. I put the photos in my pocket and decide to leave, but I clumsily knock my lamp over and watch it crash to the floor. I’m now in complete darkness. For the first time I notice how silent it is; I stand absolutely still.. considering my next move and how I’m actually going to get out of this place. I start to walk forward, feeling my way through the dark… shuffling through the rubble”.